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BARWIS FC has been established with the main intent to train at world-class level facilities utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and training methods to optimize our prospect’s performance, technical ability, and confidence.

The partnership between FLA Soccer Academy and BARWIS Performance Center will set NEW standards for excellence in Youth Soccer Development within the Region.

BARWIS FC will Identify, Evaluate, and Invite top-level athletes to events regionally, nationally, and internationally in addition to INVITE ONLY professional club trials and National exposure camps.

BARWIS FC’s Club Neutral program is open to players from ALL Clubs / Academies that have experience in YNT / ODP, participate in National Level Platform Leagues, and aspire to become professionals. The program should serve as a major complement to players participating at their respective home-based clubs.


Get to Know Us

BARWIS is a holistic, personalized, and purposeful approach that incorporates Neurological Re-engineering, modern sports science techniques and devices, manual manipulations, biomechanics, mindset training, spiritual truth, and physiologically designed and adapted training cycles. Developed over 30 years ago by Mike Barwis, the world’s leader in performance optimization for both elite athletes and people with severe motor function limitations, BARWIS Methods has helped thousands manifest their personal greatness and transform into their highest performing selves. There are thousands of BARWIS-built personal stories that describe life-changing breakthroughs and uncommon results. 


Mike Barwis is the founder and CEO of the BARWIS family of companies, including BARWIS Methods Training and ARS Screening, BARWIS Neurological Reengineering, BARWIS Performance Centers & Equipment and more.

The BARWIS conglomerate of companies has enabled Mike to do what he loves the most: help people! Mike has worked with thousands of organizations striving to achieve greatness, and the BARWIS company has grown its business by gaining the respect of each individual client. Mike's success rate rests in his love for the clients he calls FAMILY and his relentless pursuit to have a positive impact in the lives of all people.




Grit is the passion to accomplish an unusually ambitious goal and the perseverance to follow through. At BARWIS, we nurture grit. We are experts in understanding your personal limits and exactly how to safely push you harder and more effectively than anyone else. The only easy day was yesterday. 


Optimal performance requires a superior understanding of the human anatomy and new developments in neurophysiology, biomechanics, metabolic science, and more. At BARWIS, our programs are guided by Wolff’s law, which states that the body conforms and adapts to the intensities and directions to which it is habitually subjected. Using this law, we calculate individualized programs with the highest level of detail for each person’s body, sport and/or physical limitations, and personal goals. Every detail matters. 


We are a family of high achievers each with our own unique gifts, flaws, and aspirations. Passion and compassion are at the heart of who we are. We commit to your goals as our own, caring about your success as much as you do. Often more. When you join BARWIS, you feel the love of a family and your personal expectations rise. There is no limit to what you can achieve. 

Performance Training at BARWIS

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